Ceiling work  - customize to suit your interior style 


Ceiling is the overhead of the room. Ceiling is the main part of a building which seen overhead of the room. Ceiling is the main part which everyone notices first when they entered into a room. Ceiling provides an unobstructed view of a room. Ceiling works provides an elegant look to the room. The ordinary rooms changed as extraordinary rooms. 

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By providing the best quality Gypsum boards for ceiling Green Interio Fusion PVT.LTD become the leading Ceiling work  works in Kerala.  Day to day needs and trends innovating new methods and new products and we Green Interio Fusion introducing new products to our customers. One among them is ceiling work works. Green Interio Fusion PVT.LTD  introduced ceiling work works in Kochi and in Thrissur.  Our services  fulfill the dreams of our customers. We are the finest solution of ceiling work service providers in Kochi and Thrissur. . Green Interio Fusion is the best service provider in Gypsum ceiling work Kerala and wooden ceilings Kerala. . Green Interio Fusion PVT.LTD is not  only the servicers of  ceiling works we are doing Gypsum and wooden ceiling design in Kerala.

Advantage of having a Gypsum Ceiling

 Nowadays Gypsum ceiling works are getting most popular one in the designing areas by its advantages . The most useful advantage is its heat resisting power. Gypsum has a non-combustible core which contains a chemically combined water. Gypsum Ceilings one of the major Function is that it is easy to install. 

At the time  of installation it make less dust during the execution. Gypsum ceiling are made with Gypsum board which are joining together at the time of installation. Being a thermal insulation property Gypsum ceiling is  the most helpful material to keep the home cool. In the ceiling the air filled gap with in the original ceiling and the Gypsum ceiling and this raise the cooling effect in the rooms. It traps the cold sir within the room with the insulation property. 

The acoustic design of the Gypsum Ceiling ensuring the sound insulation between rooms and it is absorbing the excess sound to a better communication, it improves the communication. This specialty made the Gypsum Ceiling a perfect suggestion to design offices or homes. Gypsum Ceilings are suitable for bedrooms because of the easy way to bring privacy. In bedrooms it gives the more privacy and it gives an uninterrupted time and not have to worry about sound travelling from one room to another one.

It is one of its super specialty that it is the best thing to limit and save electricity. Gypsum Ceilings are saves electricity costs. It helps to reduce electricity bills. Gypsum Ceilings have a gap with few inches below the main ceiling, the gap between the two layers’ act as an insulator and it keeps the home naturally cool.

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This gap can be used to fix LED lights. LED lights are energy efficient. The highly designed ceiling are highly reflective and the rooms doesn't need any extra lights to lighting to the rooms.
The wide range of its designs are available in market and it gives an aesthetic look to the interiors. Being a flexible body Gypsum board is easy to design any designs. Whatever the ceiling design for the interiors it is easily possible to create with Gypsum board. So many varieties of designs are available in the market. 

Top reasons to always choose Gypsum your ceilings

Gypsum ceiling are a great piece of beauty for the Interiors. The easy installation without any time-lapse become a good suggestion for homes. The installation in a small period of time make this ceiling work a most requested one in the market. Every customer looks a material with low maintenance cost and one of the best suggestion for that is Gypsum Ceilings. It helps to save renovation and electrical costs. It has the compressive strength comparing with cement and it has the additional advantage that it is lighter than others. Having a high resisting power of cracking it's better than cement . It is soft and not brittle and it is not like to crack. All it's favorable features made Gypsum ceiling a perfect solution for the Ceilings.