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Our homes might have a variety of intriguing and distinctive features. It's what sets them apart from the next house. Interior niches can be a part of these odd features, and figuring out what to do with them can be difficult. Interior niches or alcoves can be found in any room of the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and bathrooms...! Depending on the available area, you can transform your wall niche into a stunning focal point. Here are some of our favourite design and styling ideas and inspiration...!

Niches Interior Designers In Calicut
1. Make the Wall Niches Pop:

You were born to be noticed, baby...! Don't let your wall niche get lost in the crowd. These aspects that genuinely make a difference will help it stand out.

2. Large Wall Nichettes:

There's not much you can do about a large and deep wall niche that's smack dab in the midst of the wall. It's preferable to put the interior niches to good use...! In this case, the TV unit is built into a niche in the wall. The niches' back wall has been panelled with 3D embossed sheets, which contrasts with the floor shade, and the spot lights lend elegance to the niches.

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3. Painting, tiling, and crown moulding:

Making a wall niche the main point of a space can be as simple as making a little alteration. You can simply raise your niche into something more distinctive and intentional by choosing a contrasting hue of paint or adding a tile backdrop. You can make a slight adjustment by painting (or tiling) the niche a darker tone of the colour already on the walls, or you can go all out and choose a contrasting colour to make the wall niche stand out.

Niches Interior Designers In Calicut

You may also set your specialty unique by putting moulding, which is something that has been done in the past. However, "historical" does not imply stuffy or formal...! If applied correctly, scallops and caps can be modern. Decorative moulding around the niche not only draws attention to the niche, but also makes it a more intentional and purposeful component of the overall design of your room.

Top Niches Interior Designers In Kochi
4. Incorporate a Statement Piece:

Display a bold piece in your wall niche to draw attention to it. A niche may make a statement on its own, and exhibiting a well-chosen piece can make it much more so. Just make sure that the two pieces work well together. Niches are made more elegant with the addition of lights.

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5. Use art to draw attention to the space:

When a wall niche is too high to be utilised as a display space for smaller goods, it's not a good idea to use it as one. But you can make the niche serve double duty by putting a piece of art in it...! A wall niche can act as a frame for your art, making it both a structural and ornamental element in the room, as we advise our clients.

Top Niches Interior Designers In Kochi
6. Niches for Fireplaces:

The design of the small vacant spaces next to the fireplace requires some thought. The niche is painted a different colour than the fireplace to draw attention to both aspects. Storage room is provided by niches on both sides of the fireplace. Above the living room fireplace, there is ample area to decorate and an open shelf in a rustic design above the niche. Aside from that, there's a niche with wooden shelves for storage, decorating, and even as book shelves.

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