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The newly built homes shows many new innovations in the homes to make a unique identity in designing. It became a common factor that to create a great designing features in the house. Every individuals looking to modify their homes and workspaces with new designs with glass applications. Glass interiors a d exteriors enlighten the aesthetic beauty of the homes. The reflecting nature and transparency bring much more environmental impact in homes.

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Green Interio Fusion is the best ever choice to design the houses with new innovations with glass applications. Green Interio Fusion is the best service to provide best glass service with various types of glass doors like automatic sliding doors, senor doors...etc. Green Interio Fusion become one of the best leading designers in Kerala. Recently, the use of glass doors and windows are increased highly and Green Interio is the perfect zone to fulfill the projects with high class superior quality glass doors and windows. Green Interio Fusion provides The new designs in glass doors and glass windows.

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Sliding glass doors

It is clear that the glass doors give more stylish and classy look to the homes and the glass sliding doors increasing the look of the homes. The sliding glass doors fits perfectly in all the doors and it lessen the utilization of space. The glass sliding doors doubles the beauty and it brings more easy to use nature into the homes. Green Interio Fusion is proud to being the best service in sliding glass doors in Kerala. Green also provides the best quality frameless glass windows, frameless doors...etc. In Green Interio Fusion it fulfills the imagination to beautify the home with classy look. Green make sure the availability of different types of glass windows to expand the beauty environment of the homes.

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Different Window glass types:

•Float Glass:
It is a glass which is also known as flat glass which is made to use in the windows. Being a sheet of glass float glass it is used in new modern home windows. It Is a smooth finished one which can easily help to create aesthetic look to the windows. By providing more clear views the individuals can easily improves the visual beauty.

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•Laminated Safety Glass:

It is mostly strengthened glass which creates more strength and durability .it is built with two sheets to give the strength features. It is a good option to build doors a d windows because of its strength. It reducing the breakage.

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•Tempered Glass:

It is the safest and satisfying glass material to build highly durable glass doors and windows. It is considering one of the most popular and strength glass to make the glass applications for the buildings.

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•Mirrored Glass:

It is the clear crystal Glass which provides the reflecting nature. The Mirrored glass is mostly suggested one in the areas of making of frameless glass doors, and for the frameless glass windows. Recently the new generation buildings using the Mirrored glasses to make sliding glass windows, frameless glass doors, etc.

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